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La Perla is a boat conceived with the comfort in mind of a traveler who wants to enter the heart of the Amazon jungle, arriving at virgin spots that possess their own magic. Its small draft allows to visit places that are difficult to access and where not all the boats can navigate.

Auxiliary boats with outboard motor are the ideal complement to reach the most remote areas of the Amazon, allowing you to navigate to lagoons, narrow canals, streams, and flooded forests.

Rest and relaxation also have their space aboard La Perla. Its outdoor hammock area is a privileged space from which to enjoy the Amazonian breeze while contemplating the sunset or where to recharge your batteries after an excursion to the confines of the jungle.

La Perla has 14 cabins with exterior views and are fully equipped. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom.

River cruise ship = 14 Cabins

• 09 Standard Cabins
• 03 Superior Cabins
• 02 Amazon View cabins
• Cabins with exterior view and Windows, all the cabins have A/C and private bathroom.

Cabin features

• Standard cabins of 14 m2 / 151 sq ft with two twins’ beds or one queen bed and private bathroom with shower.
• Amazon View cabins of 16 m2 / 173 sq ft with one Queen bed or King bed and private bathroom with shower. Access the balcony.
• Superior cabins of 20 m2 / 215 feet with two Twins beds convertible in Californian King size and private bathroom with shower. Cabin with possibility to accommodate an extra bed. Ideal for families.

The cabins are equipped with desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dresser, hairdryer, and amenities basket the cabins have smoke detectors and hot water 24 hours a day.

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