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We all know that even the most detailed and perfectly planned trip can be ruined by unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, lost luggage, or a major traffic accident.

When this happens abroad, the difference in language, customs or laws can transform what, if it had happened in the country itself, would have been something totally controllable, into a nightmare. The most problematic in these cases is not being able to access the appropriate local help, in the familiar language, at any time of the day.

That is to say; each, in her own city or country, has her own help desk.

Our company replaces, by far, the personal network of professionals, friends, and institutions that each person has in their own environment. We can even affirm that EUROAMERICAN ASSISTANCE is much more effective than a friend or any connection that one may have even in their own environment, since the experience developed in the solution of thousands of cases, has allowed us to specialize and perfect ourselves in the solution of any kind of emergency. This will allow you to be CALMER on your TRIP

Travel Assistance Service

• Legal Assistance for Traffic Accident
• Medical assistance
• Trip Cancelation
• Sport
• Pre-existing diseases
• Excess Baggage
• Luggage Loss
• Compensation for Loss of Baggage
• Maternity
• Outpatient Medications
• Odontology
• Sanitary Repatriation
• Funeral Repatriation
• Transfer of family member for hospitalization


Each person who purchases any Luxury Latin Tour by Adrian Arie Travel; will include a EUROAMERICAN ASSISTANCE card; will give all the necessary documentation to obtain Assistance. The telephone numbers of our Alarm Centers are printed in a very prominent way, clearly indicating how you should act in case you require assistance.

When the passenger suffers an unforeseen event, they should only call our assistance centers immediately.  With our client’s phone call, all our assistance services will be put into motion immediately to solve the unforeseen.

At the indicated telephone numbers, they will attend to you 24 hours a day.

So, the traveler will call the nearest assistance center and say: “I am Mr. Jorge Perez, my card number is such, I am in such a place and I have such and such a problem.

Important Note : Covid-19 covers only for 60 days trips and more.

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