Iberá, located in the central northeast part of the Corrientes Province of Argentina, covers over 1,300,000 hectacres and is one of the most important natural regions of the Southern hemispfere. Simply put, it is a drainage basin that is continuously filled with rainwater making it one of the most important natural areas in the Southern Cone. Due to the area’s flat landscape, there is little outflow creating an extensive freshwater reserve. Half of Iberá is underwater. However, the region is much more than only “esteros” or “wetlands”. Iberá also encompasses high grasslands, savannahs, and forests. This integrated combination of wet and dry ecosytems harbors a great diversity of flora and fauna as well as spectacular landscapes. Flooded lands and dry lands in the Iberá wetlands


  • Local flora and Fauna

    This large provincial reserve with around 13,000 km2, has grasslands and woodlands, for great wildlife watching and photographing opportunities. Groups of Capybara (the world’s largest rodent), South American River Otter, Broad-snout Cayman, and the beautiful Marsh Deer are some highlights. Water lilies, water hyacinths, papyrus and cattails host an

05 Days / 04 Nights

Experience a unique trip where calm and adventure are perfectly united in exclusive retreats


    • Discover the hidden gem and emergent region of Ibera Marshlands, with the ultimate creation of the Ibera National Park, the biggest within Argentina.
    • Fly over the Ibera Wetlands in a private small plane, living an unforgettable experience overlooking the amazing biodiversity of the wetlands.
    • Get a first – hand look at the diverse and endemic flora & fauna, coexisting in a landscape surrounded by nature and wildlife.
    • Visit the Jesuit settlements, one of the best-preserved ruins in South America, atmospheric and impressive for the quantity of carved ornamentation still visible.
    • Explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Iguazu Falls, from first row.
    • Get off the beaten path and enjoy authentic and bespoke excursions through the Rain forest


    Lunch & Dinner included.
    Upon arrival to the airport of Posadas, meet & greet your guide to begin the journey towards your first destination.
    We will overfly from Posadas towards Estancia Rincón del Socorro, in an exclusive small private plane with amazing views of the wetlands, offering a glimpse into how big the surrounding wetlands truly are.
    The magnificent environment seen from the air becomes incredible. We will go deep into the heart of Corrientes, which little by little reveals us its wetlands, forests, and fauna. From the air we will observe a landscape dominated by the green forest, the animal life in its purest state, birds that over fly the water mirrors, indicating us that we are already in Esteros del Iberá, that literally means “waters that shine” in Guaraní language.
    To get a bird’s eye view, we will have unique aerial views of the estuaries eco-system and we will shorten distances between both destinations, making of this trip an excursion itself.

    Flight: 01 hour estimated. It includes 01 piece of luggage of 23 Kg per passenger

    Important note: The Overfly is subject to weather conditions. If not, suitable we will drive from Posadas Airport to Rincón del Socorro Lodge.


    Lunch is included
    following activities for this day. (To be confirmed upon arrival with your personalized guide).

    The boat trips are done in Laguna Iberá (lagoon) and Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. The village has an interpretation center and very nice trails along the lagoon and through native forest. The economy of this town was transformed in 1983 when the Provincial Park was created. Before then the inhabitants used to hunt for a living. Today Pellegrini is a proud town that learned how to conserve and care for its natural heritage and make of it a way of living.

    The boat trips allow you to get closer to the alligators, pampas deer and hundreds of birds without scaring them. The tours take around 2 hours and are frequently done over the Corrientes stream, Miriñay River and Iberá Lagoon Rincón del Socorro sets itself as an excellent location for bird watching, where the visitor has the possibility of observing native species like the yellow cardinal (Gubernatrix cristata), the strangetailed tyrant (Alectrurus risora), and the crowned eagle (Harpia harpyja), among others. In total, the complete list of birds in the region reaches 350 species.

    Horseback rides – walks and boat trips might be combined with night safaris that make possible magnificent encounters with a very active wildlife that takes advantage of the cool nights to go hunting. If the sky is clear, night sky watching might also take place. This activity sometimes is also accompanied by a spectacular nature show: thousands of fireflies decorating the surroundings. It seems like they are trying to copy the Milky Way.
    Overnight at Estancia Rincón del Socorro Lodge, in Ibera Marshlands


    Box Lunch is Included
    After checking–out, early morning departure towards Posadas, board again our private plane, perfect way to say goodbye to the wetlands with amazing aerial views of the area.

    Flight: 01 hour estimated. It includes 01 piece of luggage of 23 Kg per passenger

    Important note: The Overfly is subject to weather conditions. If not, suitable we will drive from Rincon del Socorro to Posadas Airport.

    Upon arrival, meet and greet our specialized guide who will take you to San Ignacio Miní, the 18th century Jesuit ruins, for a short visit. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest and best preserved of the Argentine missions.

    After one hour driving (estimated), arrive to the Jesuit Missionary Ruins: dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, these villages now lie in ruins, a reminder of a time when Jesuit Missionaries came to this area to work with and educate the Guaraní tribes while aiming to convert them to Christianity.

    There are in total three of the 30 total Jesuit settlements: San Ignacio Miní, Nuestra Señora de Loreto and Santa Ana. The three missionary settlements located 15 km from one another, each with unique characteristics making all three-worth visiting.

    Travel time in vehicle to arrive at this area: 3 hours.
    Arrival at Awasi Iguazu Hotel in the afternoon (Iguazu National Park -Misiones)
    Spent the rest of the day exploring the impressive natural scenery in and around the Iguazu Falls, you can return to swim in your own private plunge pool, a drink at the bar in the main lodge and long evening meals in our restaurant.

    Upon arrival at the hotel, enjoy hotel’s facilities and rest surrounded by the jungle among pure nature of Iguazu. End your day sipping on a mate-infused cocktail, enjoy the soothing evening breeze on the terrace and sample some of the head chef’s creations. (According to the arrival time, we will manage to fit one short excursion if possible)
    Overnight in Awasi Iguazu.


    Lunch & Dinner are included
    At Awasi Hotel there are several excursions to explore with all your senses the Waterfalls, the local communities, old and ancient ruins or natural reserves.

    Suggested high-class adventures beyond the falls (as tailor –made experiences, this is a guide to be confirmed according to weather conditions own requirements, interests, and preferences.) Devil’s Throat Visit Allow yourself to be awe-inspired by the most impressive cascade of the Iguazu Falls, with a total drop spanning 84 meters. Walk a little over a kilometre on the boardwalks that cross the Upper River Iguazu, appreciating the jungle scenery. Enjoy bird watching – there are many swifts in the early morning and at sunset before they return to their nests behind the waterfall. Difficulty level: Easy

    Upper & Lower Circuits

    Admire the views from above and below the San Martín, Bossetti and Dos Hermanas waterfalls, each set-in lush vegetation. We recommend heading out early from the hotel to enjoy these circuits before the crowds arrive, taking a gentle stroll along 3.5 km of walkways.

    Mybá Guarní Settlement If you are interested in culture, this excursion gives you an insight into the life, customs and traditions of the Guaraní villagers, the original inhabitants of these lands, guardians of the Iguazu Falls. Experience this melting pot of cultures, enjoying the unique experience of being guided by locals, who will reveal the hunting traps they use to catch food, their traditional medicinal plants and the artisan crafts they make from materials found in the jungle.
    Overnight in Awasi Iguazu.


    On due time, transfer to the Puerto Iguazu Airport, located only 20 km away, to board the flight to your next destination.


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