Sail through the lakes of southern Chile and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of these places on a freshwater trip. Visit the mythical Llanquihue lake, discover the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and visit the Todos los Santos Lake, which will surely captivate you with its turquoise waters and the abundant nature of the area.

Sail in Catamaran through the middle of the Andes until you reach the ecological city of Peulla, where you can ride a cable, ride a horse and even fish. If you arrive at Torres del Paine National Park, navigate the waters of Gray Lake and visit the mythical glacier of the same name.


Andean Crossing is an international trip in which you navigate through The Andes Mountains across three beautiful lakes and four terrestrial legs that connect the cities of Bariloche in Argentina and Puerto Varas in Chile.


Catamaranes del Sur invites you to a unique natural world in a untouched, almost hidden land of unique geographical panoramas, and breathtaking scenery.

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