Colonia del Sacramento is one of the most important tourist areas in Uruguay, receiving thousands of visitors during the year. Just an hour from Buenos Aires by boat, and two hours from Montevideo by road, Colonia del Sacramento is a haven where visitors will find culture, history and the magic of an unmissable destination in the Río de la Plata.

Founded in 1680 by the Portuguese Manuel Lobo, the city went from Portuguese to Spanish rule several times until the Declaration of Independence of the Banda Oriental in 1825. These events made the historic center a melting pot of architectural and urban styles in which typically Portuguese colonial styles coexist with Spanish style housing.

The historic Colonia del Sacramento, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995, attracts tourists from around the world and is the scene of countless photographic productions that seek to capture the magic of the place. Walking through its irregular, cobbled streets allows you to take in its history and enjoy a unique landscape with spectacular views of Río de la Plata. The enigmatic Calle de los Suspiros (Street of Sighs), paved with wedge stones, has a unique charm, capable of transporting visitors to a dream world.

  • A guided visit to the historical part of Colonia del Sacramento allows you to immerse yourself in the history and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the city. Museums, theater, art, handicrafts and good local cuisine are just part of a wide range of options for visitors. In addition, the city offers visitors a wide range of quality hotels, with options ranging from international hotel chains to typical posadas, housed in old colonial houses, as well as a wide range of cheerful and quaint restaurants.

  • Following the city’s promenade, a trip which many choose to make on bike, leads you to Real de San Carlos, a former Spanish military enclave. Here you will find the San Benito church, with its image of the black saint, and the endeavor of Nicolás Mihanovich who, at the beginning of the twentieth century, developed a tourist complex in this place in the style of the time, which currently has its main icon in the Plaza de Toros. As part of the charm of the city, Colonia del Sacramento seduces visitors with its sunsets over Río de la Plata full of color and magic.

  • The view from the lighthouse or from the old pier will, without doubt, seduce your senses completely. Ask about tours and guided walks. Source: Tourist Association of Colonia

3 Days/ 2 Nights


    Reception and transfer from airport to the hotel of your choice.
    Overnight in Colonia del Sacramento.


    Discovering Colonia is like traveling back in time, exploring the colonial charm and history as you walk the cobblestoned streets. Visit the historic district -Colonia’s historic area and an UNESCO World Heritage Site- and visit the Real de San Carlos bullfight ring, Fernando’s Beach.

    Colonia was founded by the Portuguese Empire more than 300 years ago, and it was the bone of contention among Portugal and Spain until 1777, when the Treaty of San Ildefonso left Colonia in the hands of the Spanish Monarchy. Go over Calle de los Suspiros, Iglesia del Santísimo Sacramento (church), Bastión de San Pedro, Polvorín, the Lighthouse, Museos Español y Portugués (museums), Museo del Azulejo, etc. (entrance tickets are not included). Go across Rambla “Costanera” (coastal boardwalk), Real de San Carlos and its old Plaza de Toros, St Benito´s Chapel, Port. Return downtown and have free time to go over Barrio Histórico and its charming streets. Lunch (optional). At the appointed time return to the hotel.
    Overnight in Colonia del Sacramento.


    On due time, we will be driven to the airport or the port to the next destination.


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