Curitiba, the capital of Parana state, is one of Brazil’s urban success stories. It has received various United Nations awards. This city has managed to modernize in a relatively sane manner- historic buildings have been preserved, a handful of streets have been closed to cars and there are many parks, gardens and wide boulevards. The population is mostly the descendants of Italian, German and Polish immigrants, what makes the local culture very influenced by Europe.

In the surrounding areas there are many attractions to be visited, such as:

Parque Estadual de Vila Velha – This State park is located 85 km away from Curitiba. It contains 22 extraordinary rock formations dating from Carboniferous period (300 milion years ago).

Curitiba-Paranaguá Railroad – This railroad, a feat of engineering dating from 1880, runs through Brazil’s dense Atlantic forest. On its 110km journey, the train passes through 13 tunnels carved through solid rock and crosses 41 bridges spanning abysses and foaming rivers. The view from the carriage windows is breathtaking and you will see a variety of trees in the tropical forest, including Sapicais, green ebony, jacarandas and guapiruvus.

Ilha do Mel – This island is a nature reserve with beautiful beaches and rustic small inns. There are no roads or cars allowed, what makes the experience more authentic, a perfect destination to relax and connect with nature.

3 Days/ 2 Nights


    Arrive to Curitiba, meet our representatives, transfer to Hotel
    Overnight in Curitiba.


    Full Day tour to Curitiba. (9 hrs. Include Lunch)
    Curitiba is known as an innovative city, with good life quality since the beginning of the 70´s, when the urban planning began. Today the city is reference for public transportation, environmental care, waste management and garbage recycling. The city is also a melting pot, with great presence of immigrants from all over the world. This tour will take the participants to all the important sights in the city, including: Walking tour in the downtown area, Panoramic tour, Botanical Garden, Oscar Niemeyer Museum (external view only), Pope´s Woods: the Polish immigration memorial open air museum, Lunch in Santa Felicidade (traditional Italian neighbourhood), Tingui Park: linear park with a copy of an Ukranian church, Tanguá Park: park with beautiful gardens and an artificial waterfall, Wire Opera House and Unilivre: courses place built with recycled material in a former quarry.
    Overnight in Curitiba.

    Important note: some of the places are closed on Mondays.


    On due time, you will transfer to the airport, pick up the flight to your next destination.



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