SANCTUARY RETREATS, the finest floating boutique hotels with a limited number of travelers to create private, club like atmosphere.

These unique cruises are in isolated docks, as well as carefully designed itineraries at each location, offering you the ultimate in cruising. Your expectations will be exceeded, whilst outside, there’s a whole new world for you discover.

This great land’s ancient past lives on in its majestic monuments and relics created by one of the most impressive civilizations history has seen. This rich history has created a tapestry of cultural and archaeological treasures unmatched anywhere – so much so that the country is home to an estimated third of the world’s antiquities. Follow the mighty Nile as it flows through the heart of Egypt on one of four luxurious ships, Sanctuary Sun Boat III, Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, Sanctuary Nile Adventurer and Sanctuary Zein Nile Chateau.

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