Bolivia is a resource-rich country with strong growth attributed to captive markets for natural gas export. It has a mixed economic system which includes a variety of private freedom and government regulation. Altitude 11,929 feet. La Paz is the highest city in the world and has a skyline of snowy Andean peaks. Multiethnic and cosmopolitan, the city dazzles with many inhabitants wearing traditional dress, open air markets selling handwoven blankets and witches’ totems, and the museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Parisian Gustave Eiffel.

Lake Titicaca, about 200 miles away, was sacred to the Incas. Uro people, who predated the Incas, still live in the lake, on floating islands constructed of reeds and traveling in reeds boats.

  • Capital: La Paz; Administrative- Sucre
  • Official Language: Spanish and Indigenous Languages

  • Currency: Boliviano
  • Climate: Humid tropical, clear-cut wet and dry seasons, average temperature 86 F

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