Colombia is a land of great beauty. Its sophisticated cities also beckon travelers, with culture, history and tradition of creativity that’s visible in everything from the literary work of Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez to the delicious products of Colombia’s legendary coffee industry.

The first stop for many visitors in the capital of Bogota. This cosmopolitan city is a true 21st century success story, as it experiences a boom in business, meetings and leisure travel, with an influx of international hotel brands and a revamped El Dorado International Airport.  Visitors to Bogota will find a variety of must see sites La Candelaria, the city’s historic heart, is a logical place to start since this is where the city was founded in 1538, Top attractions here include EL Museo de Oro which has one of the world’s largest collections of pre-Columbian artifacts, the Museo de Arte and the Museo Botero.  Also highly recommended just outside the city is the Salt Cathedral, a fascinating , one of a kind church carved into a former salt mine.

Travelers can connect with Colombia’s legendary coffee making traditions in destinations like Manizales, a city in the central part of the nation. Near is the city of Pereira, where the Matecana city Zoo is home to a diversity array of animal life.

Another important stop in Colombia is Medellin, the nation second largest city after Bogota. Founded in 1616, this bustling metropolis, set in a picturesque valley, has in recent years attracted much praise for its progressive approach to urban planning and development. Catagena de Indias often called simply Cartagena, is the most visited tourism hotspot on Colombia; s sunny Caribbean coast. Visitors clip clop through the romantic walled city aboard horse draw carriages, admiring meticulously restored Colonial buildings, many of which house fascinating museums, gourmet restaurants and stylish boutique hotels. Just outside the historic center, the Castillo de San Felipe( San Felipe Castle) a massive fortress dating 1657 and La Popa hill, the site of a 17th century monastery, offer some of the best views of the city. Popular day trip destinations included Playa Blanca , a beach with excellent swimming conditions, and the Islas Rosario, a group of island just offshore where visitor can snorkel, scuba dive and swim.

  • Capital: Bogota

  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Colombian Peso

  • Climate: Tropical and isothermal due to location near the Equator; variations within five natural regions.