Peru is South America’s  archeological paradise, with world famous destinations including the legendary Machu Picchu, historic Cuzco and scenic Lake Titicaca.

The glorious capital city of Lima, perched dramatically along the Pacific coast, is an ideal place to begin a trip to Peru. World class museums, Colonial architecture, sophisticated cuisine and nightlife are just a few of the draws here. In the historic city center, it’s just few steps from the 17th century bronze fountain in the central square to a variety of attractions, including the stately municipal palace and cathedral, which houses the museum of Religious Art, The nearby San Francisco Church and Convent is also popular stop on tour itineraries, thanks to its superb architecture and dramatic catacombs.

  • Capital: Lima

  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Sol

  • Climate: A variety of climates; warm in the coast, humid in the Amazon area and, as the altitude increases, gradually colder.

Peru’s Inca Heritage is one of the biggest draws for International travelers, and the gateway for many trips to the ancient Inca world in the city of Cuzco, which once served as the capital of the Inca empire. This UNESCO World Heritage site is graced with landmark architecture such as the imposing Cathedral of Santo Domingo, which was finished in 1654, and ancient ruins such as Saksaywaman. Unique Hotels and refreshing variety of restaurant and nightlife make Cuzco a wonderful city for rest and rejuvenation before exploring further.

The most popular destination from Cuzco is Peru’s most treasured archeological site: Machu Picchu. The legendary 15th century city of the Incas, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is set among stunningly beautiful hills and offers an unforgettable glimpse into ancient traditions.

Peru’s  Amazon region holds its own unique allure, The city of Iquitos, reachable only by plane or boat, is the usual point of arrival visits to this lush land, where river boats, trips and jungle lodges serve as comfortable bases for exploring isolated villages, remote Amazon outpost, plentiful wildlife and centuries old indigenous cultures that exist today much as they did before the arrival of the Spanish. Heading south from the capital city of Lima, an especially popular day trip is Nazca, the mysterious site of a series of ancient Geoglyphs that can only be fully appreciated from the air. The Nazca people carved these designs which represents hummingbirds, spiders and other animals.

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