Uruguay is a small, independent republic located in South America between Brazil and Argentina. A country of contrast. On a single day in the capital city of Montevideo, visitors can relax on a beautiful beach, stroll into the Old City with buildings from the Colonial era, check out a bustling artisan market and dine in one of the city’s many parrillas, where the renowned meats of Uruguay are grilled to perfection.

The UNESCO World Heritage site city of Colonia transports visitors back in time with its quaint streets framed by historic homes and churches, museums and even a lighthouse dating to the town’s early days as a smuggling port. And in Punta del Este nicknamed the Monaco of South America for its beaches framed by casinos, sizzling nightlife, yachts and beautiful people, it is all about sun and fun.

  • Capital: Montevideo
  • Official Language: Spanish and Indigenous Languages

  • Currency: Uruguayan Peso

  • Climate: Warm Temperate

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