Quito itself is considered one of the most important historic areas in Latin America: Quito Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 5,000 buildings registered in the municipal heritage inventory.

On Ecuador’s coast, punctuated by broad stretches of beach, Guayaquil is the most populous city in Ecuador and the nation’s port, located on the Guayas River as it flows Through the Gulf of Guayaquil into the Pacific Ocean.

The Galapagos Island, made famous by Charles Darwin, lie about 620 miles out into the Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling with giant tortoises, lazing with sea lions and getting a glimpse of Darwin’s finches is commonplace in this isolated archipelago with 14 island and islets that are word-renowned for biodiversity and abundant unique wildlife.

  • Capital: Quito
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Currency: American Dollar
  • Climate: Lying on the equator, is gets 12 hours of direct light 365 days a year; humid tropical for most of the country.

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