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The central barrio of San Telmo is one of Buenos Aires’ tango haunts. Formerly an upmarket residential area, the area’s “old mansions and faded glory” vibe set the perfect scene for the artists and musicians who now call this enclave home. The streets here are picturesquely cobbled, and the fascinating little shops are well worth a browse.

The Ancient Tunnels located in the ancient San Telmo, Zanjon de Granados (Granados’s Gorge) is famous for the historical tunnels hidden inside.

Excavations in the 1830 old mansion led to the uncovering of the ancient Zanjón (gorge) which extended over the whole length of the square. Belonging to a wealthy family, the property was turned into a tenement by 1890.

After more than 20 years of restoration, it is now part of “El Zanjón – Idea Site” that includes three buildings and is internationally recognized as an archaeological site of the city.

At present, El Zanjón exhibits a unique urban archeology project and a glimpse into the past of Buenos Aires, In here, you will know about those inhabitants of the XVIII and XIX Century, about their uses, and firstly, how they get and treat water.

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