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Is located in an almost 200 acres ranch above 1300 meters, in Gualtallary, Tupungato. The wines from this small region, coming from a very fresh area of Mendoza, offer a distinctive feature for its exceptional intensity in color, aromatic expression, and structure. Gualtallary defines itself by its altitude, extreme range of temperature – cold nights, extreme daily light-, rocky and downpours soils; an excellent underground drainage and rain shortage, these characteristics turn this area ecologically ideal for the growth of a healthy vine, without illnesses and it allows to harvest grapes in the perfect time of ripening. Moreover, Gualtallary has a soil that gives special qualities to the wine. In between rocks, through sands, from time to time there is limestone. This calcareous soil makes the difference: there you find the structure. Those soils, hard to penetrate make the roots of the vines difficult to find depth and thus, they are not fertile. This produces wines with great concentration.

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