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Casarena viticulture project began in 2007 after the rebuilding of a century-old family winery. The old building, where CASARENA stands, was fully renovated for the operation of a state-of-the-art winery, which combines the best of traditional processes with the latest technological innovations. At the moment, it has a capacity of 650,000 liters in concrete tanks coated with epoxy and equipped with a heating and cooling system, which helps preventing temperature changes during the fermentation process. The winery has also 175,000 liters capacity in Stainless Steel Tanks and a special room designed to hold 400 oak barrels, with controlled temperature and humidity system. All the winemaking process is done with first class methods and supplies. Bordeaux style fermentation process with pumping-over and délestage according to the raw material. Macerations prolonged depending on the tasting. Soft pressing of the pomace. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Auto clarifying racking and differential press for white wines.

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