Tours | Jun 10 | 2020 | No Comment

Full Day. This tour is perfect to know Tierra del Fuego, its history, and traditions. We will combine sailing and hiking visiting the traditional Estancia Harberton. This Farm belongs to the descendants of the first British Missionaries to reach the area and was managed for many years by Ms Natalie Goodall, a foremost naturalist. After visiting the Farm, we will board a zodiac boat to cross the Beagle Channel and land in the Penguin rookery at Martillo Island, the domain of the Magellanic Penguin. This unique location of this island allows for an incredible variety of rich subaquatic life, making it an amazing spot for birdwatching (petrels, skuas, cormorants and albatros). We will disembark on the island to enjoy this outstanding scenery. We will have time to go for a walk around the island and then get on the boat to return to Harberton Farm. Upon arrival to the Farm, we will have a delicious tea. And then, we will start our return to Ushuaia.

Note: Private, box lunch included.

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