Tours | Jun 10 | 2020 | No Comment

In the morning, we will travel on off road vehicles (Land Rover Defender) towards Escondido (Hidden) and Fagnano Lakes. We will travel in the Fuegian Andes through beautiful valleys like Carbajal and Tierra Mayor (Mainland). We will reach Garibaldi Pass (450 meters above sea level) to cross the Andes range where we will see a breathless view of Escondido and Fagnano Lakes. Upon our arrival at Hidden Lake (it is only 60 km, 36 Mi far from the city), we will begin our descent. After a 40 km-ride, we will reach Fagnano Lake, an outstanding water mirror. It is the largest lake on the island, 100 km (60 Mi) long. We will enjoy a traditional asado (meat barbecue) there. After lunch, we will have time to go for a walk to visit the area. This place is a fantastic possibility to enjoy hiking or horseback riding. In the afternoon, we will go back to Ushuaia.

Note: Semiprivate, lunch included.