Tours | Jun 10 | 2020 | No Comment

Start the day with an overland journey from La Paz to Huatajata, at the shores of Lake Titicaca, while gazing at the Royal Range of mountains and it´s snowed peaks.

At Huatajata stop briefly to explore our local museums, where a comprehensive summary of our history is laying there in a very creative setting. Our deluxe hydrofoil will be awaiting when ready to start cruising the highest navigable Lake in the world, the Titicaca…

Start visiting Moon Island where remains of the Sun Virgins Temple “Iñak Uyu” stand there despite time. Continue to Sun Island to admire the hundreds of stairs towards the Sacred Fountain where you can taste water believed to give eternal youth and happiness.

Lunch with a very special setting and an inspiring view.

After lunch, we visit Copacabana town, a local Shrine where you find a Dark Virgin on a golden altar. We end our day taking our hydrofoil back to Huatajata to continue your private transfer to La Paz city.

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