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The Tiwanaku culture (1580 BC – 1000 AD) was one of the most important on the American continent, and it influenced those that came after it. The site contains the well-preserved ruins of La Puerta del Sol, the Kalasasaya temple and the Akapana pyramid, vestiges of a glorious past. The Tiwanaku culture was based on an agrarian economy and had an estimated population of 115 inhabitants. Agriculture was under the control of the Tiwanacota State and produced enough food to supply the urban centres and the administrative system. The Tiwanaku people had extensive knowledge of water management, architecture and medicine and they had a well-developed social organisation. An economic crisis caused by a lengthy drought caused the culture to collapse in about 1000 AD. The excursion takes five hours and plunges you into a past full of mystery and wisdom.

Leave La Paz and see the remains of one of the most important cultures of the pre-Hispanic world: Tiwanaku.

What’s included:

  • Local transfer in a private chauffeur-driven vehicle
  • Local bilingual guide and entrance fees where applicable.
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