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Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, Itaipu is the largest hydroelectric powerplant in the world in power generation. A project carried out jointly between Brazil and Paraguay that currently generates 90% of the energy consumed in Paraguay and 23% of the energy consumed in Brazil.
There are two options for visits:
Panoramic Visit: panoramic view of the main dam and tour outside the dam stopping at the Central Belvedere. There’s another stop in front of the Spillway – It’s only performed when the floodgates are opened to drain the excess water in the reservoir.
Duration: 1 hour and a half
Special Tour : this visit is made outside and inside the dam with more detailed information about the operation and energy production . During the trip several stops are made in specific areas that show the operation process and the shaft of a turbine can be observed .
Duration: 2 hours and a half
Previous reservation is necessary.
Restrictions : For safety, the minimum age is 14 years old and during this tour it is forbidden to wear shorts, skirts, slippers, sandals or heeled shoe.

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