Tours | Jun 12 | 2020 | No Comment

Duration: 10 hours.
Full Day. This tour will include the land of “papangus” (Bezzeros) and the capital of Forró rhythm (Caruaru). The tour starts with a visit to the Craft Center in Bezzeros, an unique and great place to better understand and experience the art of Pernambuco state and its popular culture. Participants will watch live performances representing the culture of the Northeast, with the chance to participate in a workshop making Papangu’s masks, the greatest symbol of the Bezzeros’ carnival. Then continue to Caruaru, located 130 km westbound from Recife. It is known as the place that has one of the biggest folk festival in the world, we will visit the great fair of Caruaru and Alto do Moura, recognized by UNESCO as the largest center for figurative arts in the Americas, with a stop to visit the home of the great Master Vitalino (of figurative art).

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