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Quinta da Boa Vista park / Seafood lunch / Maracanã stadium
Duration: 6 hours.
We recommend this tour on Weekdays.
The tour will start in the morning, with the visit to Quinta da Boa Vista Park, which is a travel to XIX century. The park is open to the public, it is a huge green area with beautiful vegetation, trees and fields, besides the lake and the National Museum of Natural History. Centuries ago, it was the Imperial Palace’s garden and the royalty used to live where there. Then we follow to Casa da Ostra restaurant to taste a seafood lunch. After lunch, enjoy a “Behind the Scenes” tour at Maracana stadium. The visit includes the Tribune Press, the locker rooms, the Grandstand, the cabins and a collection of relics of the stars who made the history of the world soccer temple. This tour provides a world of dreams, exploring every way, with videos, sounds and different experiences.

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