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Half Day Tour Historic Downtown & Santa Teresa

Duration: 6hours
This is an unusual walking tour which gives the visitor a feeling for the legends and stories woven around the narrow streets and old historical buildings of downtown Rio. 
Pick up at hotel and continue to the city center, the oldest part of Rio. The walking tour includes many interesting points such as Candelaria church, Praça XV square, the “Travessa do Mercado” alley, Paço Imperial museum, the cultural center located in the beautifully-restored Banco do Brasil building, the Casa França-Brasil museum, Ouvidor Street and Gonçalves Dias Street, where the traditional Confeitaria Colombo bakery is located (lunch may be included or not). The walk continues down to Uruguaiana Street, Carioca Square and the visit at Carmo church. Then, continue by car to Santa Teresa, a traditional district with a mild climate and big houses from the beginning of the century, built mainly by English railroad managers. In our days, it became an art center with lots of craftsmanship galleries and the only district in Rio where we can find the trolley car. 

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