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Northern provinces feature traces of pre-Colombian cultures, mingled with ruins of native’s villages, as well as forts and constructions back to the time of the Conquest and Colonization. Time seems to stand still in the high plateau of the Puna, a land full of mountain ranges, steep mountain paths, and gorges. Villages have been built in the small valleys. The region offers landscapes full of contrast for tourists to enjoy, from the high peaks to the plains, the salt pans, where Latin American culture took root.

Duration: 8 hours

We leave the city behind and drive through the oldest farmland in Brazil. This is the land of sugar-cane and tobacco plantations, peaceful colonial towns and busy country markets. A journey back in time to the Brazil of yesteryear. 

The first stop is at Santo Amaro da Purificação, hometown of the famous Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso, with the visit at a local market of vegetables, fruits and handicrafts.

Then continue to Cachoeira, with walking tour around the town, enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of the Paraguassu river, church and Carmo convent.

 Lunch is included in Sao Felix, a local farm with fruit trees and a beautiful view. Continue for the last visit at the cigar factory Danemman, entirely manufactured by women from the local community. Return to Salvador in the end of the day.

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