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Duration 6 or 8 hours.
Sao Paulo hosts a unique variety of Brazil´s most remarkable contemporary art styles, broadly found at the streets, galleries, parks, museums or even in the slums. The tour begins with a visit at “Vila Madalena”. Once there, the passengers will visit galleries, host of creations of renowned Brazilian artists such as Jac Leirner, Adriana Varejão, Os Gemeos (The Twins), Vik Muniz and many others. Not far from there, we will ahead to the “Beco do Batman” (Batman´s Gueto) and “Beco do Aprendiz” (Apprentice´s Gueto), both hidden passages, featured by colored and creative murals, periodically renewed.
At this point, passengers will be driven to a very unusual and surprising place: A picturesque house popularly known as “A casa de Pedra” (the Stone House), built in the middle of the “Paraisópolis” slam, by “Mestre Estevão” – a man considered as “The Brazilian Gaudí”. The walls of the “Stone House” are composed by structural branches made by iron wires and covered with cement, mosaic work, recycled things and attached to such structure.
Optionally, for the 8 hours option, passengers may visit the “Museu de Arte Contemporânea” (Contemporary Art Museum) and “Museu de Arte Moderna” (Modern Art Museum), both located in the Parque do Ibirapuera (Ibirapuera Park), which is considered São Paulo’s most popular park.

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