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Duración: 14 hours approx.

Available: From October to March

Includes: catamaran trip, Ride on Zodiac boat on the San Rafael Lagoon (subject to weather conditions), Full board: breakfast, aperitifs, lunch, cocktail and open bar, Whisky with millinery ice.

Full Day. Be at the ‘Loberías Del Sur’ Hotel lobby in Puerto Chacabuco at 7.15am for the check-in. Puerto Chacabuco is 82km. (51 miles) east of Coyhaique. Board the catamaran that will have all the comforts necessary to make this journey an unforgettable memory. Journey for about 5 hours by native forests losing themselves in the sea in a moving spectacle, through the channels and fjords of Chilean Patagonia. Lunch is served around mid-day, in time to see the ‘Tres Cruces’ (Three Crosses) Gulf and the Elefante estuary. Along the way, stops (without getting off), to see a small colony of sea lions. Icebergs of all sizes will be seen, showing that San Rafael Lake and its Glacier are getting closer. Once facing the glacier, get down into the zodiac boats, in assigned groups, and approach the ice massif – only 300 meters (yards) away. The mighty crash as huge blocks of ice, thousands of years old, break off the glacier, and contemplation of this natural marvel will recharge our energies. Two hours in front of this beauty, after returning full of vitality, enjoying the company and complicity of our fellow passengers. On the return journey to Coyhaique, tea and sandwiches are served, then cocktails including open bar.

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