Easter Island | May 19 | 2020 | No Comment

Hare Uta or Casa de Campo is a place that invites you to experience Rapa Nui in a privileged environment, along with the flora and fauna of this magical land, historical and full of legends that you will live in every corner of the hotel. Hare Uta invites you to experience the most remote island on the planet feeling at home.

With  nine rooms, which have been inspired by the homes of the first inhabitants of the Island, so that you can fully live our identity.

All have the same amenities, so that each of our visitors has access to a truly comfortable and comfortable resting place.

Rooms are built into larger houses that feature a spacious shared common area, a living room, dining room, and 24-hour tea / coffee making facilities. Only one of the rooms is built in a cabin style, but its occupants can still use the common spaces throughout the hotel.

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