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Duration: 3 hours approx. Half Day.

Available: All year round.

Operates: Daily.

Starting out from Hanga Roa and taking the highway leading to Anakena, the AhuHuri site is reached. It’s one of the island’s 25 ceremonial platforms and has a single Moai statue -restored in 1976 by Dr William Mulloy- the only one known in the island to have four hands.  The visit continues to AhuAkivi, an archaeological site in the Roihi sector and the first that was scientifically restored in the 1960s. It consists of a ceremonial site, particularly interesting not only for its location (in the center of the island) but also for the legends about its seven Moai. Later is a stop at AhuVaiTek archaeological site, with a large concentration of caverns and holes that probably contained water resources for Rapa Nui’s early inhabitants. The last site to be checked out is Puna Pau, located east of Hanga Roa village, in a small crater of red volcanic matter. At the end of tour returns to Hanga Roa.