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Duration: 1 – 2 hours approx. Half Day.

Available: All year round.

Operates: Daily.

Notes: Includes Snack.

A 1.5 km (0.9 mi.) drive starts out from Hanga Roa towards Ahu Tahai (in the Rapa Nui language, Ahu means altar), one of the best places to enjoy the sunset, as the sun sets right behind the five Moais. The complex is one of the best restored archaeological sites on the island and includes three ceremonial centers: Ahu Vai Uri, with five Moais; Ahu Tahai, with a single one and Ahu Ko Te Riku, where a single Moai is equipped with eyes. Once there, visitors may enjoy the sunset tasting a traditional Pisco Sour or Mango Sour, sparkling wine and soft drinks, as well as a selection of cheese and dried fruits. Sunset is the best time to take photos and be amazed by the sublime colors of the sky. At the end of tour returns to Hanga Roa.