Tours | Jun 15 | 2020 | No Comment

Duration: 3 hours approx. Half Day.

Available: All year round.

Operates: Daily.

The route taken today leads to the Padre Sebastian Englert Archeological Museum that features a collection of Rapa Nui’s heritage. It exhibits the eye of a Moai statue found in 1978 made of white coral. The next site that is visited is Ahu Tepeu, considered to be the most important ceremonial center on the island that features a Hare Paenga or ancient house in the shape of a turned-over boat. The tour continues to Tahai, one of the oldest ceremonial complexes that include three different Ahus (altars) with their respective Moai. Nearby is Hanga Kioe, a ceremonial center that legend says was the place where the crowning of the Ariki Henua (the island’s king) used to take place. At the end of tour returns to Hanga Roa.

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