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Duration: 8 Hours approx. Full Day.

Available: October 15th to the last days of March.

The tour begins by crossing the Chacao Canal to Isla Grande de Chiloe aboard a ferry that sets sail in Pargua, a small village near Puerto Montt. Once in Chiloe Island, visitors head to the city of Ancud, one of the largest in the island. The first stop is at the Caulin beach resort, followed by a visit to the Bird Sanctuary and finally the city of Ancud. Here, the Plaza de Armas square, the Regional Museum, the Municipal Market, Huaihuen hill and San Antonio Fort are visited. Travelers head next to Puñihuil beach, where a ship is boarded and cruises to the isles inhabited by Magallanes and Humboldt penguins. This is the only place in the world where both species live together. At the end of tour we return to Puerto Varas.

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