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Duration: 8 hours approx. Full Day.

Available: All year.

Operates: Daily.

Notes: Museum closed on Mondays and holidays.

Journey to Pargua to board the ferry that crosses over to Chacao. It consists of a short trip that can be considered the gateway to Chiloé Island. From here, the tour heads to Caulin, an area that is renowned for its large number of bird species, thus named the “Bird Sanctuary”.  The region’s oysters can also be tasted here (optional). The tour continues to Ancud to visit the Plaza de Armas square and the Chilo-tour Museum, featuring a pictorial exhibition and a Mythological Patio with stone replicas of the archipelago’s mythological figures. Ancud’s cultural heritage is closely linked to that of Chiloe, with aspects that differentiate it from the rest of the country. For instance, it has a rich folklore and culture due to its isolation as well to the syncretism between the indigenous and Spanish beliefs. The route continues along the Quitalmahue gulf and Huaihuén hill until reaching the San Antonio Fort, a historic site located on the higher grounds of the city, built in the late 18th century. At the end of tour we return to hotel.

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