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Duration: 4 hours approx. Half Day.

Available: All year.

Operates: Daily.

SIB Operation: Daily (Except December 25th and January 1st subject to availability).  Departure time at 9:00 am.

Notes: Museums closed on Mondays and Holidays.

Departure to the small town of Llanquihue, an agro-industrial centre located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, for a short visit. The town gets its name from the lake of the same name, and means llanquyn-we, “A place where you can plunge into the water” in the Mapudungun language. Following the old lake road, the route reaches the German settlers’ monument, built in 1936 by the resident German colony to pay tribute to the struggles of the first immigrants who arrived in the area. From there, panoramic views of Lake Llanquihue and the Andes Mountain Range and its volcanoes can be admired. Once in Frutillar, the waterfront and the German Colonial Museum featuring exhibitions of the colonization period are visited. Free time to wander around before returning to the hotel.

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