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Duration: 10 Hours approx. Full Day.

Available: All year round.

Operates: Daily, except Mondays.

Notes: Subject to weather conditions.

 This tour takes visitors to Tierra del Fuego Island, where the King Penguin Park lies. To get here, an approximate two-hour ferry journey will be necessary, starting out from Tres Puentes in Punta Arenas and leading to Bahia Chilota in Puerto Porvenir. Once in the town of Porvenir, travellers take a brief guided tour of the small town and Fernando Cordero Rusque Municipal Museum. From Porvenir, it’s about a 150 km (93 mi.) drive to King Penguin Park in Bahia Inutil (useless bay), on Route Provincial Y-71. Here, visitors will experience an awesome sight of a King Penguin colony that visits the area attracted by the food they catch at the mouth of Marassi River.

The tour continues along the Onaisin (Y-79) route, with a break to visit the Colonizers’ Cemetery. The remains of the inhabitants and colonizers of Estancia Caleta Josefina, founded in 1894 by Mauricio Braun, Director of Sociedad Explotadora Tierra del Fuego, lie here. The cemetery was declared a National Monument in 1976.

The same route leads to the oil town of Cerro Sombrero, for a short break and to check out this small community where the families of workers of Empresa Nacional del Petroleo (ENAP) lived some time ago. After the visit, there is a 40 km (24.8 mi.) trip to Bahia Azul (Primera Angostura) to board a ferry back to the continent. After arriving on firm land, a 180 km (111 mi.) trip awaits to Punta Arenas. Arrival time is approximately 10:30 pm.

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