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Duration: 3, 5 hours approx. Half Day.

Available: All year round.

Transfer in is included.

Operates: Daily (Except Full Moon Days)

Description: The main purpose of the tour is that visitors may fully experience the Atacama Desert’s amazing nights, one of the best places in the world for stargazing.  This unforgettable experience initiates visitors in the observation of the universe and offers the possibility of astronomical viewing through high-powered telescopes.

The first part of the tour provides an explanation of the skies seen through the naked eye. It offers basic concepts of what is viewed, such as constellations, what to learn from them, how to read a map of the skies and recognize important stars. When the moon is vile, a second possibility is offered involving direct observation through telescopes and taking pictures. This is a unique experience that cannot be compared with images found in books or in the Internet. The chance of viewing the stars or a planet like Saturn definitely offers unforgettable moments.

Notes: These tours are offered on a daily basis and are only suspended when there is a full moon. The tours are 2 ½ hours long and end with a hot beverage before returning to San Pedro. The desert nights are cold so that warm clothing is recommended in order to enjoy the tour at ease.

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