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Duration: 8 hours approx. Full Day

Available: All year.

BOX LUNCH Included

Operates: Daily

Description: Departure from hotel heading to the Guardianes de la Pacana (guards of the Pacana) or Moais de Tara, a collection of rock pillars that survive as witnesses of the violent volcanic eruptions that took place in the Tertiary. From far, they resemble the Easter Island Moais, but coming closer one can distinguish their unique features: the carved rocks have different shapes and colors. To get there, a 135 km (83 mi) uphill drive to the Altiplano (high plateau) precedes the lovely landscape of the extraordinary ecosystem of the Salar de Tara (Tara salt flat) in the background, located at 4,500 meters (8,120 ft.)

Notes: Subject to climatic conditions. Not recommended for people with health problems due to the high altitude.

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