Armenia Area | May 21 | 2020 | No Comment

Surrounded by the verdant forest, meandering rivers and with the Central Andes Range in the distance, the Hacienda Bambusa is a traditional farm that raises cattle and grows cocoa, ginger, plantain, bananas and tangerines.

The main house, built in the vernacular style with bamboo guadua and clay tiles, has just eight rooms. Each has a private bathroom, balcony, a small sitting area and a hammock for lazy afternoons listening to the birds before dinner is served. In the kitchen, chef Vanessa Quintana cooks up delectable Colombian tasting menus making the most of this fertile region’s produce. Days can be spent exploring the hacienda and beyond with a range of activities and excursions such as hiking, horse riding, trips to cacao and coffee plantations, hot air ballooning or tours of beautiful local towns and nearby Los Nevados National Natural Park.

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