Tayrona Park | May 21 | 2020 | No Comment

Villa Playa los Naranjos is located just a short drive from the entrance to Tayrona National Park where the River Piedras meets the ocean. The hotel building is typical of this region with a thatched roof and high ceilings.

 There are four bedrooms in the main house, as well as two cabins in a separate building set slightly apart from the house. The cabins have a shared terrace outside. There is a swimming pool and terrace overlooking the river and ocean, from where a wooden walkway leads down to the river’s edge. Upstairs in the main house is a large social area with open sides where you’ll find sofas and hammocks. The beach is a just a short walk from the hotel, and although the water is a little rough for swimming, it is still a beautiful area to explore and you’ve got Tayrona National Park on your doorstep.

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