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This excursion includes a visit to the artisan village of Luque, with its rustic factories of harps and handmade guitars, as well as gold and silver jewelry made in filigree.

then, a visit to the artisan city of Aregua, an old summer village that still maintains its flavor of the early twentieth century, on the shores of famous lake “Lago Ypacarai”, where potteries and craft centers exhibit their works all year.

Later, we will visit the city of San Bernardino, where Lago Ypacaraí is located, the current center of summer for the Paraguayans.

We will then continue to Itauguá, home of the famous Ñandutí, handmade lace whose design is based on the spider webs, in the tour you can buy handicrafts such as tablecloths, placemats, hammocks, bedspreads and other products of Paraguayan crafts.

After the visit, return to Asunción.

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