Chachapoyas | Jun 17 | 2020 | No Comment

Located in the Cocachimba hamlet, it is the starting point of the walks to Gocta. Its access is easy, just 22 km from Pedro Ruíz, the arrival point of the Tarapoto and Chiclayo buses, and 42 km from Chachapoyas, the colonial capital of the region.

In addition to one of the most spectacular views in Peru, Gocta Lodge enjoys a permanent spring climate and a strategic location, which makes it the ideal base camp to explore the entire Chachapoya region: Kuélap, Leymebamba, Karajía.

Its sixteen rooms and two suites are spacious and comfortable. All of them have excellent views of the falls. Surrounded by tranquility, they allow the most absolute rest and relaxation. The cuisine incorporates the best ingredients from this Andean region. Outside there is a swimming pool, large terraces where you can sunbathe and simply enjoy the incredible views.