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Full Day. Drive in the way to ancient temple of Chavin, the greatest exponent of the Andean civilization, today declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity. On this tour we will pass by Recuay (3400 m) known as the “Gateway of the Callejon de Huaylas”, then the district Ticapampa, Cátac (3640 m) where we will observe mine tailings on the banks of the Santa River, the district Cátac and typical houses built of adobe plastered with plaster and tile roofs. We visit the lagoon Querococha (3980 m), know the map of Peru (naturally formed by fluvial erosion), pass through the tunnel Cahuish (4516 m and 480 meters in length). Conchucos arrive at Valley with its Andean villages Tambillos, Machác, Quercos. Finally, we reached the Archaeological Monument Chavin (3180 m), ceremonial center dedicated to the worship of the god Jaguar, Snake, and bird of prey. In the tour we will see the famous “Lanzon Chavin” head nails, the altar of chinchay shock, the porch of the Falcons, internal galleries, ceremonial plazas, and others. After visit, the modern Chavin National Museum in its hall’s ceramic vases, pututos seashell, the obelisk Tello and other cultural property recovered in the temple of Chavin.

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