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Carrasco was the first case in Uruguayan history of urban planning and design of an entire neighborhood exclusively addressed by private initiative. The main bulwark of that dream was the great Hotel Casino Carrasco, a monumental construction in the style of luxury hotels in Europe during the 1900s. Low buildings and large green spaces are the main features of this neighborhood.

Avenida Arocena is the main avenue of the neighborhood and together with its surrounding streets, it constitutes one of the most outstanding commercial walks in the area, ideal to walk on foot. On the corner, overlooking the Rambla is the majestic building of the historic Hotel Casino Carrasco. Given its proximity to the coast and its large dunes, Carrasco was born as a quiet resort away from the movement of the city. Currently, the beach and the coastal promenade in front of Hotel Carrasco are the most visited places in the neighborhood, especially during the seasons where good weather predominates. It’s very popular for sports and outdoor activities. On windy days, the beach of Carrasco is favored by kite surfers.

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