Tours | Jun 11 | 2020 | No Comment

Colonia del Sacramento (declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO). Colonia was founded by the Portuguese Empire more than 300 years ago, and it was the bone of contention among Portugal and Spain until 1777, when the Treaty of San Ildefonso left Colonia in the hands of the Spanish Monarchy. Go over Calle de los Suspiros, Iglesia del Santísimo Sacramento (church), Bastión de San Pedro, Polvorín, the Lighthouse, Museos Español y Portugués (museums), Museo del Azulejo, etc. (entrance tickets are not included). Go across Rambla “Costanera” (coastal boardwalk), Real de San Carlos and its old Plaza de Toros, St Benito´s Chapel, Port. Return downtown and have free time to go over Barrio Histórico and its charming streets. Lunch (optional). At the appointed time return to the hotel.