JUANICO WINERY (Tasting and Lunch)

Tours | Jun 11 | 2020 | No Comment

Juanico Winery is 100% family-owned by the Deicas family, who love giving guests a taste of their wines via a wine tour. The tour includes a stroll through the vineyards, a visit to the winery, antique stone buildings, underground cellars and a guided tasting. The Juanico region is characterized by its chalky clay soils and gently rolling landscape that allows good water drainage and guarantees perfect conditions for high quality wines. In the Juanico winery we grow many different grape varieties. With all of these we have chosen the clones and rootstocks that have the potential to produce the best quality. All the vineyard parcels have responded well to this rigorous clone selection and are very alike in the high quality of the grapes they produce.

At present the Juanico winery has a total planted area of 240 hectares, or 575 acres, of its own vineyards. Each year the vineyards are expanded with new vines. In some cases, to match the market demand we convert some vineyard parcels to new grape varieties by grafting onto the old rootstocks or we change the training system for the canopy. The Juanico winery is reckoned to be the most technically advanced in Uruguay, thanks to its investment in the business and its use of the latest technology.

More than 500 oak barrels are in use at any one time for periods of 3 to 36 months, depending on the maturing and oak aging requirements for each wine. After a barrel has been used three times it is replaced.

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