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For over 70 years, Bodega Marichal has been our boutique family winery. Following our proud family tradition, as well as using the most modern winemaking techniques, we produce Premium Uruguayan wines. Grapes 100% handpicked and a small family winery allow us to obtain every harvest, unique handcrafted wines.

Grapes are collected manually and kept in 18 kg. boxes. We determine the time for the harvest of each plot of vines, bearing in mind the maximum organoleptic expressions of grapes, which is accomplished by tasting the grapes in the vineyard.

The process of fermentation is directed by controlling the temperatures of the musts until they turn into wine. We thoroughly and continuously evaluate the evolution of the wine, not only in the sensorial stage, but also in the analytical phase. Thus, through different maceration times, contact with the lees, ‘piages’, ‘delestages’, and other processes, we achieve the best of expressions in each of the wines we create.

The infrastructure of the winery has the basic elements in order to yield different varieties of wine in small volumes, and in this way, they achieve the personality that our land offers, which is what defines our identity.

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