LGBTQ+ Infinity Luxury

Day 1 – Buenos Aires

Arrival in Buenos Aires, reception at the international airport and private transfer to the hotel.

In the evening, you will enjoy and interactive dinner.

DINNER IN A CLOSED DOOR RESTAURANT – Private service with transfers from hotel

Duration: 3 hs approx.

Built in 1927 by the Norwegian architect and artist Alejandro Christophersen, Casa Cavia was carefully restored to become what it is today: a return to the wonders of the Belle Époque in Buenos Aires in dialogue with the contemporaneity of our present. A house that brings us together, passionate, and celebrates the trades it contains: architecture, books, food and flowers. Nowadays five women work together combining haute cuisine, books, flowers and design. A corner where the meeting is possible and is our premise. This is where creativity germinates. A space where routine stops to give way to enjoyment and reflection.


Starter options:

  • Grilled cheese stuffed with caramelized onions, tomato chutney and fresh herbs
  • Lettuce salad, cashew praline and crunchy prosiutto
  • Grilled endives, blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts
  • Kale, broccoli and toasted sesame salad

Main course options:

  • Couscous, raw and cooked vegetables, marinated trout and fresh herbs
  • Homemade pasta, roasted and fried artichokes, hazelnut butter and fresh herbs
  • Grilled “Vacio” (Meat cut), fried yucca and fresh herb chimichurri (Argentinian spicy sauce)
  • Toasted cheese gnocchi, green curry and asparagus from the garden

Dessert options:

  • Bruce cake with chocolate and caramel
  • Chestnut flan and whipped cream
  • Chocolates, white chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce
  • Seasonal fruits vanilla cream and dried fruit crumble

Drinks without alcohol – infusions

Waters with and without gas

Lemonade, Orangeade

Coffee and tea

Hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires.

Day 2 – Buenos Aires

Breakfast at the hotel.


Explore and discover the diverse side of Buenos Aires, in which everyone finds their space. Together with our expert guide, you will be able to plan your visit and learn about the outstanding sites that combine the identity of this beautiful and cosmopolitan city. You will find a unique architectural heritage that dazzles with its European influence, witness of its golden age. Art will be the protagonist of the tour, since the city has a wide offer of museums, art galleries and cultural centers that exhibit works for all tastes. The city enchants with its gardens and green spaces, which invite you to relax and enjoy beautiful urban oases.

The must-see route includes different unique spots. We will visit important squares such as De Mayo and The National Congress; avenues such as Corrientes, De Mayo, 9 de Julio; neighborhoods with history like La Boca, San Telmo, sumptuous like Palermo and Recoleta, modern like Puerto Madero; parks, commercial and financial areas, etc. But that’s not all, during the tour we will get to Santa Fe Avenue, where we will discover the story of Carlos Jauregui and the fight for the rights of the LGBT + community in Argentina.

The finishing touch to this exclusive visit will be a visit to one of the most emblematic buildings in the city. The Colón Theater keeps secrets in every corner and to live the experience of a Guided Tour is to know a portion of its history of more than one hundred years at the service of Argentine and world culture. By touring the Hall, the Main Foyer, the Busts Gallery and the Golden Room, visitors can absorb amazing details about the architecture, the staircases, its sculptures or stained glass.

Optional: Breakfast, Brunch or Snack in a fun and colorful space called “Straight-friendly”. The place of inspiration and meeting, is characterized by its delicious cuisine and a large library of artists, authors and LGBT themes to buy or simply read while tasting a coffee.


Love, passion, madness and glamour in a story that ends up becoming a legend… Located inside the exclusive and impressive Hotel Faena, Rojo Tango is a fascinating proposal that conquers all the senses, combining sounds, aromas, colors, movement and flavors. Wrapped in red velvet, there are the most select dancers and tango musicians from Argentina together with first-rate international cuisine to provide a unique enjoyment.

Pick up at the hotel at approximately 7:30 p.m., dinner at 8:30 p.m., show at 10:15 p.m., return to the hotel at approximately 11:45 p.m.

Hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires.

Day 3 – Buenos Aires

Breakfast at the hotel.


The Paraná Delta is a unique formation in the world. The Paraná and Uruguay rivers join and form a great delta that flows into the Rio de la Plata, which in turn flows into the sea as an estuary. The delta is formed by thousands of islands, many of which maintain their original state, while others are inhabited and full of weekend houses. The delta stays alive not only because of its people and nature, but also due to its constant formation of islands. There are more than 100 species of birds and water plants; virgin nature and infinite horizons only 25 km from the center of the city of Buenos Aires.

On board you can enjoy and explore this wonder of nature with the exclusivity of a typical delta vessel: a flatboat. Afrodita is an old island flatboat built in the middle of last century. It was initially used to transport barrels for a distillery. Its current owners decided to share the pleasure of sailing aboard the “Afrodita” so many more could enjoy the Paraná Delta exclusively.

Onboard activities. Life on board is always pleasant; exploring the delta, its wooded islands, meeting its people and traditions. When sailing, you can see the life of the delta in its different areas. Water buses, supplies boats, people going on canoe to the coast, the bridges and pristine nature. In days when the water is low you can usually see residents cutting reed that will later be used for basketmaking when dry. Once the boat is anchored, you may take a bath in the river, swim, or just relax on the lifeboat. Listening to good music, reading, enjoying a good meal; it’s all part of the experience aboard the Afrodita. A time to observe the birds such as the heron starting to fly slowly while spreading its big wings, or the kingfisher waiting patiently from a branch to dive into the water and catch a fish.

Meals on board: the barbeque is the star during the meals.

Hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires.

Day 4 – Buenos Aires – Mendoza

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Buenos Aires domestic airport, private service with guide.

Flight to Mendoza (Not included).

Arrival and Transfer from airport to the hotel, located in Mendoza outskirts.

Hotel accommodation in Mendoza.

Days 5 & 6 – Mendoza

Breakfast at the hotel.

Free days to enjoy activities in Mendoza.

Cavas Wine lodge, 3 nights program with meals and activities. Services included:

– Free access to the gym, outdoor pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Cavas Wine lodge, 3 nights program with meals and activities. Services included:

  • 2 daily visits to wineries of your choice with their corresponding transfers.
  • 1 sports activity (rafting, canopy, rappelling, kayaking, bicycles, horseback riding, golf in La
  • 3 lunches in different places: At the Lodge (restaurant, patio, terrace, chill out,
    room), in a winery, in a restaurant. Non-alcoholic beverages in the
    lunches (with round trip transportation included when applicable).
  • 3 special dinners, both inside and outside the hotel (with roundtrip transfer
    when applicable), non-alcoholic beverages at dinners.
  • 1 massage of 1 hour per person and stay.
  • Free access to the gym, outdoor pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Hotel accommodation in Mendoza.

Day 7 – Mendoza – El Calafate
Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Mendoza airport, private service with guide.
Flight to El Calafate (Not included).
Arrival and Transfer from airport to the hotel.

Hotel accommodation in El Calafate.

Day 8 – El Calafate
Breakfast at the hotel.

We leave from El Calafate to the Perito Moreno glacier, early in the morning. We travel for 80 km in a scenic route, making stops to take pictures, accompanied by a guide authorized by the “Los Glaciares” National Park, who will provide us with all the information about the environment, history and mysticism of this unique Glacier. After entering the Andean Patagonian forest area, we will stop at the “Curva de los Suspiros” (curve of the sighs), to enjoy the first view of the Perito Moreno Glacier, then continuing to the footbridges where we will have free time to walk

along the footbridges in front of the glacier and thus be able to enjoy it. * Includes: Entrance to the National Park. Premium box lunch.

Estimated hours: Departure from the hotel: 08:15 a.m., 10:00 a.m. arrival at the pier Bajo de las Sombras and boarding for minitrekking (Passengers who take this optional), continuation for 15 minutes to walkways and free time to visit and contemplate the glacier and ice falls from different points of view. After lunch they will have the possibility to return to Calafate or continue enjoying the walkways and meet the passengers who did the minitrekking.

Premium box lunch Includes: Sandwich (Chicken, meat, vegetarian or vegan), Water, Fruit, Cereals, Muffins, Bottle of wine.


To be considered: Medium physical demand, suitable for people aged 10 to 65 only, it is inconvenient for people of advanced age or with difficulties to move.
Recommendations: Clothing: It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing (sweater, diver and windbreaker jacket and / or waterproof). Sunglasses, sunscreen and gloves. Also hat for sun or coat in case it is very cold.
Lunch: Bring food to eat in the woods on the lake, before boarding. You cannot have lunch in a restaurant.

From Bajo Las Sombras pier – approximately 7 km before the glacier viewpoint, from where the 20-minute lake crossing starts until you reach the opposite shore of Brazo Rico where you descend. After disembarking, access is made to the refuge where the guides organize the groups, then starting a walk along the shore of the Lake of approximately 20 minutes to the Glacier. Arrival at the Moreno River Waterfall, where the use of pegs and crampons that allow the walk on the glacier is experienced. The tour on the Glacier lasts for about an hour and fifty minutes. During the course of it you will be able to appreciate a variety of ice formations such as: cracks, seracs, sinks, small lagoons, etc.

The hike is moderate. The surface of the ice you walk on is uneven, but firm and safe. Explanations will be received about the flora, fauna and general glaciology of the region as well as the particular phenomenon of glacier rupture. At the end, the walk returns to the refuge through the exuberant Magellanic forest, where visitors have lunch contemplating a wonderful view.

At approximately 2:00 p.m. they will sail back to the pier on the other side of the lake, in order to be transferred to the Perito Moreno catwalks (arriving at approximately 3:00 p.m.). At 4:00 p.m. they will be returning to El Calafate and will arrive at the hotel at approximately 5:00 p.m. The schedules are subject to the availability of minitrekking.

Hotel accommodation in El Calafate.

Day 9 – El Calafate
Breakfast at the hotel.

EOLO is located on a 4,000 hectare property 30 minutes away from El Calafate, on the way to the Perito Moreno glacier. It is a unique property, strategically located in a virgin and exclusive natural environment, ranging from a lagoon to forests on Cerro Frías. Knowing that these activities take place in a unique environment and are exclusive for our guests, we recommend adapting your itinerary to carry out any of them. All these activities are developed from EOLO without any additional transfer. In the estancia there are exclusive activities for those who visit us. We have our own guide who at the time of arrival will be dedicated to coordinating the outdoor proposals with each guest: trekking, mountain biking, bird watching, 4×4 outings, zip lining and horseback riding.

Trekking – In the surroundings of EOLO you can go from gentle walks to intense trekkings. The most traditional outings are: a) ascent to the Cerro Frías viewpoints. b) walk to the Laguna de los Flamencos. They can be done on your own or accompanied by an EOLO guide.

Mountain Bike – These are bike tours along roads and trails in the La Anita Valley, surrounded by the characteristic landscape of the area: the steppe with the mountains in the background.

Bird Watching – It is a walk to venture and discover the fauna, birds and flora that populate this region. A wide variety of characteristic birds of the area can be observed, among which the condor stands out with its majestic flight.

Horseback riding – It is an unforgettable experience to get inside the Patagonian gaucho life, enjoying panoramic views in a unique and exclusive environment. The activity starts from EOLO with two main options. An ascent up the foothills of Cerro Frías or a walk to the Laguna de los Flamencos. They can be done in the morning or in the afternoon.

4×4 – It is a tour in 4×4 trucks to contemplate the imposing views and landscapes that surround EOLO without the need for physical effort. The path begins at the foothills of Cerro Frías, with stops at intermediate viewpoints until reaching the top. It is done in the morning or in the afternoon.

Zipline – It is a recreational activity that takes place descending between forests and the slopes of Cerro Frías. The zip line has unique characteristics due to its length: there are five sections of 500 meters each.

Finally, the hotel has a relaxation area that includes a dry sauna, a steam sauna, an outdoor Jacuzzi and a massage room. Optionally you can add yoga or massage classes and relax your body and mind.

Hotel accommodation in El Calafate.

Day 10 – El Calafate
Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfers to Airport to get your flight back to home.

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