Julie Chen

Reviews | Mar 10 | 2021 | No Comment

Gustavo from Adrian Arie Travel  is the expert who can get you situated with an inexpensive pass and equipment rental.  The pass gets your access to Aspen snowmass equipment rental, so you could conceivably do both in the same payment!  I went one day on a recent visit to the area, arrived late and still got partial refund for half day lift ticket price.  I booked two tickets and one of the guests was not able to come on the trip.  Gustavo called the check in desk to make sure that we can change the name to a different guest, before my arrival.  It was a big help, we changed the name of the guest within five minutes into the check in process.  In addition to the visit, we wandered around the town of Aspen after the snowmass, got great dinner at a local restaurant and loved everything.

 We all thought it was worthwhile by knowing Gustavo will take good care of you.  Definitely recommend using his service, if you want a day where you do not have to lift a finger and have everything set up for you.  He is the right man !!

Aspen, Colorado. December 2020